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This is the home of Six Basic Interrogatives (6BI).  6BI is an approach to analyzing the source data for decision support, business intelligence, and analytical systems.  It was conceived of as a way of organizing and classifying the data in the wide variety of data stores that typically make up operational and line of business systems.  These have traditionally been the source of data that eventually becomes the information of business intelligence systems and the knowledge of analytical and predictive systems.

6BI takes the aspects of the Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture, and the basic interrogatives of Journalism, which I observed, many years ago, are remarkably similar, and uses them as a “way to get started” if one finds oneself in a position to need to build a system to help some party better accomplish its mission.  It doesn’t matter if the mission is capitalistic or altruistic, global or local, short lived or eternal, 6BI always applies.

The first place to start with 6BI is with the Overview, the first of the original Three Core Articles,

https://birkdalecomputing.com/2010/08/29/six-basic-interrogatives-part-1-6bi-overview/ .

Wayne Kurtz

Birkdale Computing

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